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Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Five people in Florida die every day as a direct result of prescription drug overdoses, including from hydrocodone (e.g. Vicodin) and oxycodone (e.g. Oxycontin)
    [Florida Medical Examiners]
  • Opiate-related deaths in Florida have climbed sharply (from 869 deaths in 2000 to 3,155 in 2007) while heroin-related deaths have declined (276 deaths in 2000 vs. 110 in 2007)
    [Florida Medical Examiners]
  • Deaths related to prescription pain opioids (such as methadone, hydrocodone and oxycodone) among Broward County residents ages 12-65+ have increased 14% in 2007, despite a 14% decline in the consumption rate over the past two years
    [Florida’s Drug Epidemiology Networks]
  • Deaths related to prescription benzodiazepine use among Broward County high school students have increased 9% in 2007, despite a 33% decrease in usage rates
    [Florida’s Drug Epidemiology Networks]
  • The top 25 dispensing practitioners of oxycodone in the U.S. from January through June 2008 were located in five Florida counties – Broward (3.4 million units dispensed), Palm Beach (852,800 units), Miami-Dade (393,900 units), Hillsborough (126,900 units) and Manatee (116,800)
    [Office of National Drug Policy]
  • Among Florida adolescents, both lifetime and past-30-day prevalence rates for prescription pain relievers (8% and 3.2%, respectively) and depressants (6% and 2.1%, respectively) were higher than for all other illicit drugs, except marijuana and inhalants
    [2008 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey (FYSAS)]


  • Florida youth have higher rates of alcohol use than the national average
    [Florida Department of Children & Families]
  • The estimated cost of underage drinking in Florida in 2007 was $3.073 billion (180 youth deaths and 71,602 injuries and other events)
    [Florida Department of Children & Families]
  • Six counties accounted for more than half of the total estimated cost of underage drinking – Miami-Dade (15%), Broward (8.4%), Palm Beach (7.26%), Orange (7.51%), Hillsborough (6.7%) and Duval (6.7%)
    [Florida Department of Children & Families]
  • The majority of students surveyed in Florida in 2008 (53.2%) have used alcohol on at least one occasion in their lifetimes, although current use is substantially lower. Almost 30% reported using alcohol in the past 30 days
    [2008 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey]
  • In Florida, females ages 11 to 18 were more likely than males to report past 30-day alcohol use (30.6% vs. 29%) and lifetime use of alcohol (54.9% vs. 51.5%). Males ages 11 to 18 were more likely to report binge drinking, which is defined as having five or more alcoholic drinks in a row in the past two weeks (15.6% vs. 14%)
    [2008 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey]

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